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Welcome Home…to yourself.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. How you do one thing is how you do everything and its time to connect to your body, mind and intuition on a level that you have never experienced before.

The best and most freeing work you can do is your own inner work.

It can be scary to go into these seemingly dark places within ourselves because most people are tuning out instead of tuning in.  The mind is so powerful but alone without the ally of the body we become at war with ourselves-and an internal struggle pursues.  We feel shame, anxiety, depression, judgement, depleted, overwhelmed, tired and frustrated. Our inner critic rages on and we are struggling just to keep our heads above water in total survival. This subconscious pattern takes hold and we are in fight/flight/freeze, our bodies just trying to hang on. We are “doing” all of the things but it’s not working and we don’t “feel”any better or we may feel better for a bit and then we slide back into old patterns.

I want you to know  ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. It is subconscious programming and conditioning all in the name of survival.

Nothing is wrong with you.

It is with great compassion, awareness and non judgement that we begin to heal and thrive instead of survive.

Feelings of unworthiness, needing to be perfect, or fear of being seen can make self-love feel out of reach. Shame takes a toll on being able to love yourself in a way that is your key to true freedom.
You are already whole, you are already complete.  Healing is already within you.

You may not know how to express your true needs, honor yourself, be heard and respected.
Learning true self care, connecting to your soul truth, being supported, accessing your voice, not worrying about being liked and being authentic will open you to access and receive new opportunities, relationships, financial prosperity and fulfill your purpose. You will uplevel in every way and begin to manifest with ease.

“Danielle is an energy guru! The work we’ve done together has helped me make meaningful strides in my career and begin to turn around a lifetime of sabotaging emotional eating habits (that I’d all but written off as “who I am”). The work is not magic; it’s about clearing out old baggage that stands in the way of us making subtle, consistent improvements in our lives. And it works!”
— Laurie