This is the story…

Long before I knew I was reading energy I was reading energy.
Over the years I have studied with Masters in the energy medicine field to hone my skills and “test” my skills out. I used to be a skeptic and wanted proof that my readings were actually working.
They were working and they were very powerful for those who seek clarity and clearing to gain movement in their energy system. Everything is energy and when we can tap into this body we can create, manifest and attract anything we desire.
Energy is still the way I perceive the world around me. I want to share my gift with you and support you to create joy in your life in anyway you choose.

Danielle MarggrafWhat can you expect?

These are virtual readings-they can be done over ZOOM video or over the phone. The deeper you can sink into relaxation the more your energy body talks to me. I see things and I hear messages.

I read your chakra energy centers and I can share with you what’s open, closed, over active under active or carrying stuck, stagnant or blocked energy.

I clear the energy and balance your chakras.

We spend some time talking about what I have discovered and how you can work with those energies moving forward in your life.

These sessions are powerful because you will walk away with tools that you can implement to create more movement, clarity, focus and impact in your life.

Who is this for…

Anyone who feels stuck, blocked or stagnant
Anyone who wants to harness the power of their energy
Anyone who wants to tap into their energy body for deep relaxation, healing and compassionate self care

Anyone who wants an energetic tune up
Anyone who needs a sacred space of deep healing and wants to work with their energies as a powerful tool to create their life.