Meryl Hayton

Meryl Hayton Transformational Coach

“My whole life I was living like a warrior fighting to survive. I wore this emotional shield of armor trying to protect myself from being hurt. There was this frustrated girl who wanted to be seen, heard and supported. Ask anyone who knows me. I had this toughness on the outside and I was over sensitive on the inside. Like an angry delicate flower, lol. Becoming a Yoga Teacher 7 years was the true start that helped me bloom and soften. I couldn’t even laugh about myself until recently.

Through my journey of self discovery I met Danielle Marggraf divinely 6 months ago on a day when I was feeling down on myself. I was struggling to build my business, pay my bills and still felt I had to let go of some old negative patterns keeping me from moving forward. I had evolved so much, I thought, but I knew I needed to face some truths on a deeper level and just didn’t know how.

In my mind, I had visions of the life I wanted but the energy in my body wasn’t in alignment, yet. I didn’t feel worthy on some levels to bring in what I know I deserve. I had an instant connection with Danielle and signed up for her 6 month coaching program. She uses Somatic Therapy Energy Medicine and Coaching to get to the core wounds in your nervous system and energy system in order to heal past trauma. All of our obstacles are a trauma to our bodies on some level. Once we started working together I started to see results.

Let me tell you it wasn’t easy some of the time but I knew what she was telling me was right. I had to hear the hard truth of what I needed to do/be in order to bring in the change I wanted. I had to create healthier boundaries with dating men and learn to trust my intuition, my gut around life situations and be more decisive. Honoring my needs first without feeling guilty over pleasing others or trying to control situations to get what I wanted. Through her guidance I started practicing this and I felt emotionally stonger and more confident.

A fantastic part-time job came to me and I sold some personal items which brought in more money. I started singing Karaoke, made some new friends and got asked out on some dates. I kept getting supported(receiving) in many many ways and started creating more abundance. Life kept giving me little unexpected gifts, more dates and financial support. I was learning to trust in the divine process more and more.

Now, life is easier. I go more with the flow, I know I’m supported always and everything happens in divine timing. I have more patience, love and understanding for myself and others. And, I’m more grounded and centered in knowing who I am.

I used to have some shame around the way I acted (like a child) and that has resolved. I can laugh at myself now instead of resenting my actions and getting angry. It’s easy for me to recognize now and love her(my inner child) without looking for it externally from others. And, I’m more in alignment with who I am so I can help others in my own coaching business.

I’m excited for this next year of what 2020 will bring. Thank you Danielle for doing the work on yourself so you can help others like me! I feel blessed, empowered and more authentic than I ever have. I have up-leveled myself and now I feel like a Warrior Goddess! “

Meryl Hayton

Transformational Coach

“Danielle is truly gifted in what she does. She helped calm my anxious thoughts about my relationships and helped me to learn tools to deal with things that may come up in the future. In both work and personal issues, she helped me to work through things and find out what I truly wanted. As an empath, I struggle with doing things for myself and wanting to please others, but she helped to teach me that I need to set boundaries to keep myself happy and on the right path for myself. She explained it in a way that made it feel important but not selfish. Along with helping me release things that I no longer need, she has helped me to be more present in my days. The impact this has had in my happiness and outlook is life changing already and I can’t wait to see what other great things are to come. She is real and authentic and realistic. After less than a year working with her, I feel like I’m finally getting to know the person I really am. I’m still on that journey but I’ve been loving finding more out about myself and my purpose. I know that not all days are great, but those days won’t last. She helped me to lean into my feelings instead of shutting them down. It’s very freeing to be able to work through my feelings without judgement and allow them to be felt. I never thought energy work would have such a profound impact on my life, but I am so happy it I found Danielle, it really changed my life.”


“I came to Danielle at a time when I realized that I didn’t really know who I was. When you live your entire life worrying more about what other people think of you and doing everything to make everyone else happy despite how it made you feel, its bound to catch up to you. Then at 47 years old you find yourself staring in a mirror and having no clue who is looking back at you.

I have been working with a councilor that I was comfortable with to do the deep dive of past traumas, childhood issues, etc. but I was looking for more then just healing old wounds. I needed to go outside my comfort zone. I needed to learn how to connect with myself so I could connect with others.

In addition to my talk therapy, I recently started with Danielle in a “one on one” environment not really knowing what to expect. I knew I wanted be more confident, build self esteem and really get to know the essence of who I was but had no idea the effect she would truly have on me overall. I had closed myself off for so many years, I thought for sure, it was going to take another half a life time to reverse it all.

Since the first time I met Danielle, she has brought nothing but peace, comfort and a safe place for me to explore all that is ME. In the short time that I have worked with her I find myself uplifted and supported in every way. I recently even attended one of her Sacred Women Circles and ENJOYED IT. I participated. I cried. I shared. The old me would have NEVER been able to find the courage to go, let alone participate and cry.

For the first time in my life, I walk with my head held high, I smile at people, I talk to strangers even if it is a simple good morning in passing.

She is truly a gifted human being that take great care in helping others. She is there to hold you up when you need it and she is there to dish out the “tough love” when you need a little motivation. You cant help but feel the positive energy that surrounds her.

Meet her once and I guarantee your life WILL change.”

Dana F.

“I first met Danielle at a Sacred Women’s Circle. My entire life as I knew it was changing. I was lost, confused and grief stricken. The minute she started to speak that night, I felt a sense of comfort and security that I knew I needed more of. We worked together in a private session soon thereafter in which I learned some valuable coping “tools”. Morning journaling, emotional cord- cutting, and protecting myself energetically are three important things Danielle introduced to me. I use these daily. Never during traditional talk therapy had I ever been given ” tools”. Walking away with a plan felt amazing. I liked how I felt more connected to my spiritual energy and healing. It was different than any other group, class, or counseling I’d ever had. Each month I look forward to the women’s circle. The bonding and complete support I feel there is something I am beyond grateful for. Anyone looking for advise, friendship and unconditional love would benefit from Danielle’s unique approach. “

Lauren L.

“My name is Mary and I am divorced for 4 years. The reason I tell you this is because I thought I was in total control of my life.  One day I realized that I wasn’t in control at all.  I wasn’t “living” at all.  I was “existing” and robotic.  I was the living definition of “insanity”.  I started to become dependent on xanax to decrease my anxiety level during the day and sleep at night.  
Then I met Danielle.  We were getting our hair done by the same person.  I was immediately drawn to Danielle and wanted to talk to her.  She shared with me that she provided in-home private yoga sessions.  So, I thought I would try it out.  The very first session changed my life.  Danielle started with simple yoga and meditation, and explained about body awareness and stress management through breathing and healthy movement.  That night was the best night sleep I’ve had in years without taking anything to help me sleep.  
I continue to see Danielle privately and I now practice yoga.   I feel renewed and regained my inner confidence. Friends and family have actually noticed a difference in me.  I’ve shared my story with many people and recommend anyone who needs a change in their lives to meet Danielle.”


“I began my journey with Danielle a bit over a year ago in her Sacred Women’s Circles.  After the first meeting ~ feeling more safe and grounded than I had in years~ I immediately became a consistent member to these amazing monthly occurrences.  I love the connections I have made and continue to make with other amazing women and within myself.  I decided to work more intimately with Danielle 4 months ago when a moment in my life jolted me into a dead stop.  I knew it was time to get deeper into myself to figure out what was going on.  Danielle taught me how to reconnect with my soul, that the Universe has a plan and to trust that plan, and that change can be painful but it is always for our own betterment.  Since that deeply desperate day 4  months ago, sitting in her office with no hope for a better tomorrow, I am proud to say that I have since learned and began working toward a life that fuels me and frees me instead of one that is simply built on survival.  I know more about myself, about attracting abundance and about accepting challenge with grace.  My life has changed dramatically in a short period of time, with Danielle’s guidance, love and acceptance.  I am forever grateful to her.”


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